Isle of Rona Red Deer Returns

Deer Management used to be a straightforward affair. The Deer population was left to the Estate to manage and the herd was the Stalkers responsibility. I did the management here on Rona after we took in the 6 hinds and two stags from John Fletcher of Auchtermuchty. Since we are such a small place and there are no ‘surrounding’ Deer Management Groups (DMGs) I was on my own.

Habitat assesments had been carried out not in the way of to-day models but through Wildlife Reports (by Richard Cottis) and the ongoing assessment of the Regeneration through the Woodland Grant Scheme. The annual growth is recorded and noted although no form,al method is employed. As it is we are legally bound to return our cull figures to SNH (now NS). This we do and have done since day one.

All other DMGs have up to date websites and have posted information for all to see where applicable. Here we are doing the same. With the house build starting in 2016 the intention of posting the returns was sidelined but now we wish to bring the information up to date.

So this week, March 28th I hope to do just that:

Wary Hind and Calf

Coming Soon: 2020/21 Deer Returns.