The New house

End of August, Progress Has Been Made, Despite the Rain.

Here we go, one month on, despite every other day raining, we have made good progress. A wee bit of a hold up just now but hopefully next weekend we will get our second last landing craft with the windows, more timber, more mix, more fuel and the roofing. So it is all go.

Here’s the pictures of how it is going, busy time with visitors but we have mostly kept them at bay.

The floor has been a headache as it was not waterproof and needed painting. The weather was not good for that but in between very wet days we got there. Now the framing should go up pretty quickly, drainage next week, ridge beam on, maybe.

Here We Were Yesterday (Sat’ 2nd September)

To-day after a 12 hour Day Yesterday.

End of July and the Latest from the site:

Mostly photos, but you’ll work it out. Been going well, it seems that we get ahead quickly then get stuck at some other bits, material is the issue as we seem to not have this or that. But a few trips to Portree have meant no standing around.

The steel is up, the block work to finished floor level, some web packing done and to-day the pop ups. Lots of pecking and digging, best of all Hugh has his grading bucket and has graded a few tonnes of material which will make for better roads and lots of other projects I have up my sleeve.

Hopefully by the end of this week we will be pretty much up to date on our timetable. It is getting trickier just now as we will have another landing craft to take Huge off but we want to get as much on it for the next phase.

Last time I did this page we were just building the shutters and had started pouring the footings, that was the 24th of June, so in a Month we are here:

Phase 1

Phase 1

Phase 1

And this is how we got there:

Late Night Emergency Delivery

New House July 2017 (mostly)



We started the 2017 season by starting to build a new house on Rona, no small task but we have had a bit of experience so Spring came after a Winter of studying plans, quantifying and meetings, many meetings!!!!

First we have the prep which was done last year and this year landing crafts with material and machinery, lots of machinery.

So here we are three weeks  (Now 5 since the internet went down, which held this page up) in and lots and lots of pics’ to study progress. Hopefully there will be a weekly update soon. Finally started the concrete pour.