What We Do

10th January 2023.

I had an idea to write up an informal overview of what we get up to in the working environment on Rona. We can put out a job description but it will never really show the commitment that is required on Rona. After 20 years of working on how I saw the vision of where Rona would be, it will be interesting as we wind down just how the Island will progress in the next 20 years.

We toyed with leaving, retiring even, but we like it here and would like to stay for a while yet. That is of course if our Bosses want us too. We built our house and finished it in 2018, proper probably 2019. That was tough with many extra hours on top of the already very heavy workload. We wont do that again, well I wont, but having built it (and it is a very comfortable house I have to say) it would be good to enjoy a few more years in it.

So, we will continue to work as we do, we look forward to having new folk here to get involved in the Island Life.. Which is good for us as it will allow us more time off with new folk coming but also it will give new folk cover for when they want to get off. Without worrying about things breaking down when there is no one here, or break ins!!!!

This page might be a bit of a ramble at times but I’ll try (time allowing) to fill it in pretty quickly as we are going to start advertising properly very soon.

A beautiful day

Possibly the best subject to start on would be The Weather.

29th January 2023

The worst thing about weather is we struggle whilst planning things, in the short and long term.

We can plan but things change daily, this can be frustrating for others when it may not be obvious why we changed ‘The Plan’ but we just get used to it.

Ferry wise we have a cracking ferry boat now, the best although all the others did their job and did it very well. But MV Seaflower (and back up boats from MV Stardust) are the best. Safe Haven Marine built them, these boats will travel in most weather up to force 6 safely, occassionaly coping with unpredictable changes. Good boats good skippers.

The Island boat is a different matter, we will not sail unless it is pretty calm and are sure no surprises are coming soon!!!

But we regularly get to Portree all Summer in our own boat and don’t ask too much in the winter of the ferry but are happy to be flexible with the weather if we need to be. To give an example we have not been on the mainland since the 18th December 2022, we could have but did not need to. We stock up on foodstuffs and our ferry man will kindly get our shopping (there is always Amazon).

Work wise we try to balance the jobs so that we are not out in horrible wind and rain . If we do then we would maybe just do a half day, say at firewood then our workplan is such that indoor work is not hard to find. Maintenance etc. Nothing worse than having to sit inside on a sunny day then only finding wet days to do outside work.

Stalking is a different kettle of fish. If we have guests which would only be 4 weeks of the year then I’m afraid we have got to go. Again we will try to read the weather maybe not going out till the afternoon or calling it a day by lunchtime. The deer mostly have more sense than us stumbling around the Island looking for them. But they have to eat so there is always a chance and in the rut the weather/rain does not affect the Stags.

Wind can be trying blowing stuff about, regularly trying to move slates, or material left without securing it, but we learn very quickly that you cannot leave anything lightweight lying about.

Calm, sunny winter days are the best, the views are stunning, the colours are vivid, the wildlife love these days as much as we do. So there is much to see and enjoy and on these days, stalking is the best, even cutting firewood, servicing the boats or bigger equipment is a pleasure.

Long summer days are welcome, some years better than others but generally we get our fair share. With damp summers we get midgies but we do get onshore breezes so it is possible to sit out and have that welcome beer in the evening.

Overall the days, weeks and years are dependent on the weather and everything works around it. Reading forecasts, looking at the signs and interpreting them are an important part of life on Rona.

Jobs To Do.

There is a very long list, difficult to know where to start best start with the main earners the cottages, services and annual maintenance.

Again this one for another day.