Goodness Me …It has been too long (Yet Again).

Thank you Jim in Ireland for reminding me that I had not posted for such a long time. So here goes a quick one before I do the long update.

Weather to-day is stormy to say the least, the ferry came but it wasa a bouncy one. Well done Ewen.

Stormy Sky and Seas.

There is quite a bit to catch up on here given it was the end of March that I last posted but we have been Sooooooo busy, toooooo busy for sure.

Saturday Jubilee Celebrations

It is not unusual to have stormy days during the summer but the contrast from last Saturday is huge. It is blowing 40 knots of wind, the bay is full of spindrift and the boats are doing a merry dance on the moorings, fingers crossed for them, the chains and strops.

Yachts had been steady, a trickle had become a flood with 6 or 7 yachts in last weekend, the sun was shining but it was Northerly, so a lot of yachts were not coming North of Mallaig. I thought Tryptich had anchored but on closer inspectioon I saw that he had bridled the strop. Just checking!!!!

The Torridon Range

The weather looked to change, I had been back and fore to Portree a lot these last few weeks (hence the busy time) but I could see a change coming, flat calm here and a lovely view as always.

Wildlife Cruiser

Yet another trip to Portree this week, this time for a hospital appointment I had missed 5 times due to timing, NHS cancellation and weather. Nothing serious just an old manny thing, passed with ease, another lucky one!!

One of the many cruise liners for Portree this Season.

As I approached Portree Thursday I could see yet another liner anchored off, the picture is a bit fuzzy, must be the rain on the window? But it was the black clouds coming that bothered me rather than the chaos that comes with these visits , on the pier. Fingers crossed the weather would not get too blustery for the way back.

Not My Type Of Holiday

It was a busy boat, queues of folk on the pier, buses everywhere, locals trying to get on with life. Who knew Portree would be so busy. Not my idea of a holidasy but looking at the crowds lots of folk must like the sailing life. As it happened no worries with the sea state, just a bit ‘jabbly’.

For Sale

Back to Rona, we had made the decision to sell our RIB. So there is a little work to do. We bought a new boat and do not need three so the RIB must go, anyone interested?

Good Engines

The RIB has done a wee bit of work for Rona but I have not used it as much as I could or should. The old Voe boat has been so reliable since I put on the new engines.


I was down by the byre Thursday and was imagining Corncrakes in the Irises but no creeking. It made me think about reading Isles of the West by Ian Mitchell. A good read in its day although he was not impressed with Rona (how wrong he was). Although I agree with much he wrote in this book. nProbably more on that later too.

Sorting a Leak

Yesterday we had a bit of a panic on seeing the forecast, we had left a sheet of corrugated aluminium uncut on the roof of the botrhy (I am trying to fix a leaking wall here) and if we had left it I’m sure it would not be there to-day. Such was the wind last night. However all good for now. Alu’ cut and screwed down.

One yacht on the main mooring, both our Aluminium boats on other moorings, the wind continues, the rain too. But we need some rain to keep the dust down. It has been very dry.

So, another blog coming very soon (the weather will dictate that) with the big changes these last few weeks featured that Rona has witnessed, more on that story tomorrow.

How’s that Jim!!!!!!

About Bill Cowie

I've been living on the island since April 2002, alone for the first 5 years, my partner L joined me in 2007. We manage the Island for a Danish family who bought the Island in the early 90's. Their hopes for the Island are to make it self sufficient supporting its inhabitants and that is where we come in. We look after the stock, 3 holiday cottages, machinery, boat and of course the visitors. It is pretty challenging but it is a beautiful place to live and work, we love it and strangely enough we love it even more in the depths of winter when all is quiet apart from the gales and rain. We do a bit of fishing, stock work, stalking deer and loads of other stuff. We have good support from lots of people whom we have met over the years and have become involved in the Island. Too many to mention here but keep an eye on the blog, they'll be there for sure in the future.
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  1. That’ll do nicely Mr Cowie. Good to read about your life again. Pleased all is well and at least being busy keeps you out of trouble.

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